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April 03, 2003
WAR: Private Lynch

You may be, as I am, ambivalent about women on the front lines. More on that some other day. But this is still proof of how tough even the non-combatant female supply clerks in our Army really are, and how badly our enemies misread Americans' willingness to fight when forced to:

Pfc. Jessica Lynch, rescued Tuesday from an Iraqi hospital, fought fiercely and shot several enemy soldiers after Iraqi forces ambushed the Army's 507th Ordnance Maintenance Company, firing her weapon until she ran out of ammunition, U.S. officials said yesterday. Lynch, a 19-year-old supply clerk, continued firing at the Iraqis even after she sustained multiple gunshot wounds and watched several other soldiers in her unit die around her in fighting March 23, one official said. The ambush took place after a 507th convoy, supporting the advancing 3rd Infantry Division, took a wrong turn near the southern city of Nasiriyah. "She was fighting to the death," the official said. "She did not want to be taken alive." Lynch was also stabbed when Iraqi forces closed in on her position, the official said, noting that initial intelligence reports indicated that she had been stabbed to death. No official gave any indication yesterday, however, that Lynch's wounds had been life-threatening.

This is, by the way, rather a different picture of Private Lynch than the initial, soft-focus media accounts of the country girl who just joined the Army to get a decent job. But a much more flattering one. It's also evidence of how the brutality of the Iraqi regime works against its troops in the field: can you blame her for not wanting to surrender and be taken prisoner by these thugs?

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