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March 29, 2003
BASEBALL: Roto 2003

So, last weekend I did my rotisserie draft. First, I should warn you that a draft conducted via chatroom is a disaster waiting to happen. Part of the problem was that we had a lot of people (myself included) who hadn't used chat rooms before or hadn't registered with AOL. Then, AOL didn't work, so we all had to switch over to Yahoo!, which involved 12 guys (11 teams and the commissioner) turning on a dime to register with a new provider. The delays involved were substantial, and then people started getting randomly kicked out of the Yahoo! chat, until we switched back to AOL. The result was an auction much longer than the usual in-person auction.

Second, the draft went fast when it was moving, and we had 11 teams rather than 12, and I was unusually unprepared this year; you will see from the results that I made some obvious mistakes. If you find reading about other people's Roto teams hopelessly boring -- I don't blame you -- you can skip the rest of this post. But, for sake of full disclosure, here's this year's team (traditional Roto categories, AL-only, $260 budget):

Active Roster
C Toby Hall $11 (I probably overpaid, but AL catchers who can hit are rare)
C Miguel Olivo $2 (Oops, I missed the chance to get Victor Martinbez for $3)
1B Carlos Pena $11
3B Mark Teixeira $5 (Could be a real bargain, but doesn't have a regular job assured)
CO David Ortiz $9 (I may have overestimated his playing time)
2B Brent Abernathy $4
SS Derek Jeter $33 (Paid too much, but if Jeter's ever going to have another big year, this is it)
MI Carlos Guillen $5 (I jumped the bid up from 2 to 5 and got stuck. Bad bid)
OF Carlos Beltran $32 (Paid too much - I didn't notice he was hurt)
OF Jack Cust $2
OF Carlos Lee $24 (Paid a little too much, but new plate patience could really pay off)
OF Hideki Matsui $22 (22 for Matsui's a big risk)
OF Dustan Mohr $4
DH Ken Harvey $3 (Maybe a bargain; Harvey's not that great, but he'll play. Could be like the year I drafted Bob Hamelin as a rookie for $5)

P Bartolo Colon $23 (Risky; Colon's plunging K rate scares me, but he'll win a lot).
P Francisco Cordero $7 (Should close in Texas, but won't until/unless Urbina implodes)
P Kelvim Escobar $16 (Will close to start the season, but will probably lose job at some point)
P Casey Fossum $8 (Shelled in spring training, but could be a good buy; good team and I like his K/BB rate)
P Tom Gordon $3 (I was going to tank saves, but wound up bargain hunting instead)
P Gil Meche $2
P Joel Pineiro $21 (Overpaid, but he's good and has a good park)
P Johann Santana $9 (Could be a breakout, and someone in the rotation should break down to give him a shot)
P Mike Timlin $4 (Had a great 2002, and has fared well in committee bullpens in the past)

Reserves (You can tell I was concerned about my starting pitching).
Damian Rolls
John Halama
Mike Maroth
Doug Davis
Jeremy Affeldt
Steve Sparks
Tanyan Sturtze
Jon Stephens
Oscar Henriquez

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