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April 30, 2003
BASEBALL: Are the Red Sox Quietly Good??

I've been noticing lately that the Red Sox are off to a good start. With last night's win over the Royals, I figured it was time for a post. It sure doesn't feel like they are playing all that well -- the typical Boston fan over-hyping is lacking this year, maybe because the Yankees are off to a tremendous start. Nevertheless, consider this: their bullpen has blown three games flat-out. If they had won those games, the Sox would have the same record as the Yankees. Of course (a) they are playing a soft part of their schedule, (b) they got off to a great start last year and started fading in mid-June and (c) well, it is the Red Sox. So, let's give credit where it is due, but I'm glad to see the fans aren't yet harboring unrealistic expectations. Who knows, though, the Yankees can't keep this pace up, can they??

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