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May 05, 2003
BASEBALL: Phillips in the Crosshairs

Peter Gammons provides a sober diagnosis of the Mets here. His conclusion, that every move the Mets make from here on out should be directed at 2004, is sound, if optimistic. I would aim towards 2005 and beyond.

Steve Phillips is an agreeable person but he has to take the lion’s share of blame for the Mets woeful lack of player development during his six year tenure. All he has to do is look across town to the Yankees to see a model for developing and keeping star players. The free agents are nice, but the core of the Yankees (Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Alfonso Soriano, Andy Petitte, Nick Johnson, Jorge Posada, etc…) is home-grown.

The Mets home-grown talent, by contrast, consists mainly of Ty Wigginton and Timo Perez, with some prospects on the way. The Mets need to re-focus all of their energies on scouting and player development as soon as possible. It is a misnomer to believe such a course would alienate the Mets’ fan base – loyal fans are much more forgiving and tolerant of home-grown talent than they are of mercenary free agents and stop-gap solutions. The best course for the present is to prepare for the future.

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Bobby V has to be taking a certain amount of satisfaction in his troubles. Do either you or The Crank know what Phillips' background is?

Posted by: Kiner's Korner at May 5, 2003 08:02 PM

I know he took over after Joe McIlvaine in 1997; I don't recall what his resume was prior to that.

The folks on this web site, who don't seem too happy, could probably tell you more:

Posted by: The Mad Hibernian at May 6, 2003 09:52 AM
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