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July 07, 2003
BASEBALL: Jimenez Gone

Looks like I was wrong about the fallout in Chicago from the acquisition of Robby Alomar; rather than benching Joe Crede and his sub-.300 OBP, the Chisox have ditched D'Angelo Jimenez, dealing him to the Reds.

As I pointed out earlier in the year here and here, Jimenez was off to a great start this season, but his banishment from the White Sox leaves you wondering whether he's hurt or whether, like Jeremy Giambi and Bruce Chen, there's something more seriously wrong with his attitude that continually causes new organizations to sour on him.

Jimenez ought to be in demand: he's allegedly only 25, and he makes very little money. But let's look at how his season split; I'll project the totals (other than the "games" column, which shows the games played by the White Sox for those dates) out to 162 games for comparison's sake:


Clearly, there was something very wrong with Jimenez lately -- the complete loss of power and plate discipline, the collapse of his batting average. But note that the latter line is 59 at bats; hardly a decent sample size to justify panic. Bottom line: ditching D'Angelo Jimenez can't have been based on his performance.

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like Jeremy Giambi and Bruce Chen: in which case he should be sent to the red sox, can they bring back Izzy Alcantara?

Seriously Crank, I think you go to far with little G, his problem is he can't play D and is slow and he's been trapped behind other players. Chen's problem is he lets up too many HR's.

Posted by: Brendan at July 7, 2003 10:37 PM
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