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August 06, 2003
LAW: The Supreme Court of Global Popular Opinion

More evidence that certain Supreme Court Justices are going very far afield from their duties:

The Supreme Court is looking beyond America's borders for guidance in handling cases on issues like the death penalty and gay rights, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Saturday…

"Our island or lone ranger mentality is beginning to change," Ginsburg said during a speech to the American Constitution Society, a liberal lawyers group holding its first convention.

Justices "are becoming more open to comparative and international law perspectives," said Ginsburg, who has supported a more global view of judicial decision making. Ginsburg cited an international treaty in her vote in June to uphold the use of race in college admissions…

Last month, Ginsburg and Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Stephen Breyer discussed the death penalty and terrorism with French President Jacques Chirac during a European tour. France outlawed the death penalty in 1981. Ginsburg was one of five justices who attended a conference on the European constitution.

Ginsburg said Saturday that the Internet is making decisions of courts in other countries more readily available in America, and they should not be ignored.

It is comforting to know that, with the advent of the Internet, our Supreme Court no longer feels limited by, or bound to, something as quaint as the Constitution of the United States and that our unelected and unaccountable Justices are now crafting decisions and policy based on conversations with the French.

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