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September 04, 2003
POP CULTURE: My G-G-Generation, A-C

I turn 32 next month, and thought it would be fun to take a look around at who else out there is part of my generation (Generation Y, is it? I lose track of these things), roughly defined as people within a year or two of my age (born between late 1969 and late 1973), although I wasn't entirely scientific in every case, and in any event the list is somewhat arbitrary based on who I could locate the ages for and who I had heard of (I left out a lot of musicians where I'd heard of the band but not the individual). and IMdB were invaluable in this process, since both have lists of individuals born in particular years.

It's interesting to do this because you wind up being surprised at some of the people who are all around the same age, from people who are seen as rising stars in their fields to people who are years past their primes. Some fields of endeavor are missing here -- for the most part, politicians and business people are not well-known in their early 30s, so there's only a few people from the political world. I also wasn't sure on a number of bloggers and pundits, so those get fairly short shrift here, but I did stick a few in. By contrast, there's the rappers -- I'm not a rap fan, but even I could tell that the list wound up covering a huge proportion of the biggest rap stars.

Let's go alphabetically, starting today with A-C, although I may add on people I run accross as I march through the alphabet:

Ben Affleck, actor
Benny Agbayani, MLB
Andre Agassi, Tennis
Edgardo Alfonzo, MLB
Mike Alstott, NFL
Serena Altschul, newscaster
Wilson Alvarez, MLB
Garret Anderson, MLB
Kenny Anderson, NBA
Christina Applegate, actress
David Arquette, actor
Jill Arrington, sportscaster
Pedro Astacio, MLB
Sean Astin, actor
Rich Aurilia, MLB
Steve Avery, MLB
Erykah Badu, singer
Vin Baker, NBA
Brent Barry, NBA
Dan Bartlett, White House aide
Beck, singer
Armando Benitez, MLB
Jason Bere, MLB
Jerome Bettis, NFL
Peter Billingsley, actor
David Blaine, magician
Selma Blair, actress
Drew Bledsoe, NFL
Tempestt Bledsoe, actress/talk show host
Mary J. Blige, singer
Aaron Boone, MLB
Tony Boselli, NFL
Lara Flynn Boyle, actress
Terrell Brandon, NBA
Shawn Bradley, NBA
Rico Brogna, MLB
Mark Brunell, NFL
Homer Bush, MLB
Kirk Cameron, actor
Mike Cameron, MLB
Neve Campbell, actress
Mariah Carey, singer
Ki-Jana Carter, NFL
Sam Cassell, NBA
Michael Chang, tennis
Dave Chappelle, actor
Robinson Checo, MLB
Wayne Chrebet, NFL
Tony Clark, MLB
Stubby Clapp, MLB
Ben Coates, NFL
Toni Collette, actress
Kerry Collins, NFL
Bartolo Colon, MLB
Sean "Puffy"/"Puff Daddy"/"P.Diddy" Combs, rapper
Jennifer Connelly, actress
Rob Corddry, comedian
Wil Cordero, MLB
Craig Counsell, MLB

Yup, some hard-hitting investigative journalism, we do around here. Really, where else can you get this stuff? I mean, can you picture Peter Billingsley from "A Christmas Story" out on a date with Mariah Carey? OK, scratch that one. Or think of Wil Cordero as a contemporary of Bartolo Colon, or Garret Anderson close in age to Kenny Anderson? Kenny was "Mr. Basketball New York" my senior year in high school, but he's 71 now. I also just found it amusing to put Tony Boselli's name next to Lara Flynn Boyle's. The one that gets me is Agassi -- the guy's been famous nearly as long as I can remember paying attention to tennis, and he's been bald for about a decade now. And he's only about a year older than me? Wow.

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I'm not sure about Alfonzo; there's pretty widespread skepticism about his age (which was a big reason the Mets let him go).

Posted by: Dr. Manhattan at September 5, 2003 11:50 AM

A valid point, although Fonzie's at the young end here; for these purposes he'd have to be four years older. But his career path does make a lot more sense if you read it with the assumption that he's 2 years older than his reported age.

Posted by: The Crank at September 5, 2003 01:23 PM
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