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September 19, 2003
WAR: Iraq Page

I'm going to use this page as a reference, a holding place for collecting internal and external links of enduring interest on the Iraq war, its justifications and its critics (for now, I'm still filling in the blanks here; I'll add in more links and categories when I have more time):

Overall Strategy

Steven Den Beste's Strategic Overview

President Bush's September 7, 2003 speech on the continuing postwar hostilities in Iraq.

President Bush's November 6, 2003 speech: "the United States has adopted a new policy, a forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East."

Iraq and Terrorism

Richard Minter at TechCentralStation summarizes the extensive links between Iraq and Al Qaeda (Sept. 25, 2003).

Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard reviews the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection as of September 2003. (And a similar summary: James Robbins in NRO on September 19, 2003).

Hayes reviews the evidence on the careers of Ahmad Hikmat Shakir and Abdul Rahman Yasin, both providing possible links between the Iraqi regime and Al Qaeda, as of October 2003.

Hayes again, from the November 3, 2003 issue, on Mahmdouh Mahmud Salim a/k/a Abu Hajer al Iraqi, a close confidant of bin Laden's who may have acted as a critical go-between with Saddam Hussein; this article also rehashes a good deal of the prior article.

Hayes yet again, from the November 24, 2003 issue, on a memo from Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith summarizing Al Qaeda-Saddam contacts.

Gilbert Merritt on the Al Qaeda Connection

Deroy Murdock on Salman Pak and Abu Abbas.

Christian Lowe in The Weekly Standard October 1, 2003 on Foreign Terrorists Captured in Iraq

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Tony Blair's War Message (March 2003)

John McCain and Jed Babbin on WMD (June 2003)

Andrew Sullivan's summary of David Kay's report on Iraq's WMD programs as of October 2, 2003; the Kay Report itself; and Gregg Easterbrook's take.

Dick Gephardt on why he believed Iraq had WMD (November 2003).


Den Beste on the Allies in post-war Iraq (as of October 2003)


Spinsanity, July 29, 2003

Daily Howler, July 28, 2003, July 22, 2003, July 17, 2003, July 16, 2003, and July 15, 2003.

Clifford May on Niger

16 Words, in Context

Baathist Brutality

Photos of mass graves.

Roundup of links on use of poison gas on civilians at Halabja.

Sports Illustrated on Uday's depradations as head of the Iraqi Olympic program.

Saddam executed 61,000 people in Baghdad alone.

Media Complicity

John Burns on reporters looking the other way.

Instapundit April 11, 2003 on CNN's Eason Jordan's op-ed as "a journalistic Enron"; a followup from Jordan in the Boston Phoenix.

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