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January 13, 2004
BASEBALL: Coming Soon, To A Batter's Box Near You

Yes, to the surprise of nearly no one, Roger Clemens has un-retired and signed with the Astros. It's all about loyalty, with Clemens . . . as I've been saying for some time now, I still expect Clemens to go in the Hall of Fame wearing a Devil Rays cap.

Clemens batting is only the second-most-entertaining moment of 2004, of course; I haven't seen the schedules, but I'd love to see the Yankees face the Rocket so that Joe Torre can go back to calling Clemens a head-hunter after defending him the last few years . . .

(That said, I should note that Clemens of late has been the anti-Kirby Puckett: while's he's been a big jerk around the game, his work with soldiers, cops and firemen shows that he does, ultimately, have his priorities straight overall).

On another note, Bullpen Stomper Jeff Nelson looks to be signing with the Rangers (along with Kenny Rogers), thus cutting the list of Yankees who have won a World Series with the team to four: Jeter, Bernie, Posada and Rivera.

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