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April 22, 2004
WAR/BASEBALL: The Good Fight

Its another depressing news day, with continuing unrest in Iraq and a huge catastrophe, presumably accidental, in North Korea.

On a more positive note: regarding Spirit of America, here is a flashback to a brief earlier post looking at its efforts to bring baseball equipment to the children of Afghanistan. Even for those who opposed the American-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I would think this would still be a worthy cause an organization dedicated to aiding the reconstruction of both countries and tangibly and intangibly improving the lives of their citizens and the climate for our troops. With too few humanitarian groups in both places, this may be the most direct way to help.

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What a horror show in North Korea. It's like September 11 with trains. Two darkly amusing things from the FOX report:

1. The line about how "North Korea declared a state of emergency after the crash." How do you declare more of an emergency in a police state? Extra-extra-martial law?

2. The fact that news got out through the (by comparison) free Chinese media.

Also, what was Kim doing in China? And I'll be interested to see what tea leaves can be read from this as to the North Korean energy crisis. In the meantime, we should all say a prayer for the unfortunate victims.

Posted by: The Crank at April 22, 2004 12:52 PM

Yeah, Fox TV is talking like this may have been an assassination attempt on The Glorious Leader. I guess you never know, but I would have to think, even in North Korea, there would have to be easier ways to do it.

A very sad story, though.

Posted by: The Mad Hibernian at April 22, 2004 12:59 PM
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