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April 22, 2004
WAR/POLITICS: Communism Sucks

Yeah, you knew that already - if "sucks" is strong enough a word for the senseless death, imprisonment, torture, oppression and impoverishment of millions worldwide, not to mention an arms race, numerous wars and coups, etc. We had a grim reminder today of those horrors in the thousands incinerated in North Korea by a train collision, an event that was almost certainly caused by the endemic and frequently fatal incompetence of communist regimes.

Thankfully, we're down to just two hard-core Communist states (North Korea and Cuba), although nominally Communist China is still a tyranny and some shifty ex-Communists can still be found in power throughout the former Warsaw Pact. No thanks to John Kerry (seen here shaking hands with Sandanista dictator Daniel Ortega), who from his return from Vietnam all the way through the end of the Cold War never really got on board with the notion that it was a worthwhile endeavor to rid the world of this malignancy. Today's edition of OpinionJournal's Political Diary (worth every penny of the $3.95/month cost) gives some examples from Kerry's tour with the anti-war movement in the early seventies, the efforts that shot him to the political prominence on which his entire subsequent career has been founded:

Mr. Kerry may have to explain yet more dubious remarks from [1971] at West Virginia's Bethany College in which he declared: "Our democracy is a farce; it is not the best in the world." College newspaper accounts report Mr. Kerry also told students that "there is a disbelief in the American Dream, people are questioning if it is really a dream or if the dream still exists."

Mr. Kerry went on to tell his Bethany College audience that communism did not represent a threat to the United States. "The soldier went to Vietnam to defend the country from aggressive communism in the tradition of World War II," Mr. Kerry said. "But the soldier learned he was not fighting communism. Communism was not a threat to our country and the war was not moral."

NRO also has words with a Vietnam-era critic of Kerry's blithe use of false charges against American soldiers; it's a good read, and an important one. Kerry's conduct in the early 70s wasn't just irresponsible or impulsive youth; it was about the conscious use of sensational slanders to advance his own career at the expense of the national interest, and about patterns of thought and behavior about national security issues that have plagued his entire public career.

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James Taranto today started one of his entries with:

“Yesterday was Earth Day, the environmentalist faux holiday observed every year on Lenin's birthday…”

A cheap shot, to be sure, but pretty funny.

Posted by: The Mad Hibernian at April 23, 2004 05:37 PM
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